Lenore Diamond Robins
Contemporary Three Dimensional Wall Art
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For more than twenty years, Lenore Diamond Robins has created vibrant and exciting artwork. Each unique, wood-based original work of art is individually designed and hand made by the artist. Using acrylic paints, texture media, gold and metal leaf accents, Lenore creates one-of-a-kind, contemporary, three dimensional wall art. Most of her artworks are finish coated with resin, a technically challenging, very beautiful, high gloss, hand-mixed and hand-poured finish.

Lenore's artwork is designed to hang without additional framing, or if the she feels a frame is necessary, the frame is incorporated as part of the overall design. Collectors invest in her original artwork, not in commercial framing.

Lenore's work must be seen in the original to be fully appreciated.


Lenore Diamond Robins and "Four Winds"

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